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Food Processing and Packaging Services

At EGS we have dedicated Food Processing Group (FPG) responsible for meeting the needs of our customers nationwide throughout our host countries both at small and large scale as the need calls. FPG is a friendly, dedicated and committed food processing group based in Norway (HQ) and Nigeria. During the past few years we have grown from strength to strength and our commitment to expand in the business has allowed us to continually improve the range of food services we provide to our customers.

 For Food Packaging, EGS is emerging the industry leader with our long history of servicing customers and other food processing and packaging industries alike, providing them with desired satisfaction via offering competitive aesthetic and environment friendly solutions.

EGS has developed series of unique products that are compliant to global standards and which provides unparalleled value to our customers as far as packaging demands. Our products and services are competitive, starting from the first phase of conceptualization through design and to finish product hence achieving the highest levels of compactibility with maximum efficiency and reliability, and meeting all needs with regards to durability.  

Our main focus when handling consumable food is increased safety that eliminates the risk of infection as such, we maintain strict compliance to international and national guidelines to provide our customers with the following benefits:

  • Sealed product designs that remove the need of metal-to-metal contact.
  • Non-contamination process and product that removes the risk of altering food smell, taste or color during or after processing and packaging due to physical contact.
  • Non-absorbing / non-retainable packaging surfaces that can withstand high pressure and temperature conditions.

Our packaging services include:

  •  Food packaging (Perishable & Non-perishable)
  • Transport packaging (Land, Sea & Air)
  • Industrial Product packaging
  • Agricultural packaging
  • Chemical packaging
  • Gift packaging

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